How to Build a Winning Company Culture

Building a winning company culture is the main roadblock on it's way to success. Dr. Rozen's book is a must read for any executive looking to lead their organization towards growth and success.

Do You Really Qualify for Divorce?

"How do you know that the disconnection from the person that you have been so connected with, should become permanent? How do you know if you qualify for divorce when the only person to qualify you, is you and you only?" "A groundbreaking book. A true helping hand for anyone who is considering divorce." Did you know that divorce is contagious?

The Effective Mediation: Practical Strategies for Effective Divorce and Family Mediation Practices

The Effective Mediation is a practical, hands on guide for family and divorce mediators who wish to increase the effectiveness of their work with their clients, as well as beginning mediators or mediators in training who wish to learn the art and science of family and divorce mediation.