Dr. Rozen’s consulting is entirely customized on your goals and based on Dr. Rozen’s extensive experience in the field of teamwork and collaboration modules within companies and organizations. By thoroughly studying your organization and developing an action plan with specific and measurable objectives, Dr. Michelle Rozen guarantees a measurable and substantial increase in teamwork and collaboration that will inevitably and immediately lead to enhanced productivity and substantial growth.

Dr. Rozen’s Four Essential Steps in Coaching and Consulting

Step #1: Diagnose: Dr. Rozen employs qualitative and quantitative methods to gain a comprehensive understanding of the people, processes and culture of your company.

Step #2: Develop: Based on the diagnostic results and the appropriate business metrics, customized solutions are developed in order to meet the goals of your company.

Step #3: Deliver: A customized and diagnostically-based initiative is implemented using optimal delivery mechanisms to drive change deep into the organization.

Step #4: Maintain: Dr.Rozen introduces continuous tracking and support of the adoption of new behavior patterns and monitoring the agreed-upon business metrics.

One on One Private Coaching

Dr. Rozen creates a customized assessment of the s leader's capabilities, challenges and potential blind spots. This would include a series of 6-8 private coaching sessions to assist the leader in reaching predefined goals in the company’s management and in reaching their maximum potential as engaging, connected, motivating and highly successful leaders.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is ideal for teams and smaller groups. It focuses on group efficiency and dynamics. Dr. Rozen typically also includes one on one individualized coaching as part of the group coaching in order to identify and solve obstacles to effective teamwork and the team’s optimized productivity and success.

Customized Consulting and Training

Dr. Rozen's customized consulting and training programs focus on developing engaged, motivated, teamwork oriented and highly effective leaders and employees. Dr. Rozen conducts observations, surveys and interviews in order to develop and implement a customized action plan that is specifically tailored for your organization's goals and needs towards an inspiring, engaging and highly effective change that is built to last.

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