Dr. Rozen has worked with leading companies delivering customized keynotes that address pressing issues when it comes to leadership, effective communication, growth and success. Dr. Rozen is a frequent guest on NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS, relatable, down to earth, engaging and a thought leader in every aspect of her work. Here are the top ten reasons for booking Dr. Rozen for your next event:

10. Everyone wants to hear her- and nobody wants to miss the experience!
Dr. Rozen’s How to Get Along with Anybody experience is not only one of a kind in its unique content and cutting edge insights, but also the kids of experience where more chairs are brought in, higher attendance that expected in appening and everyone just wants to take part. This topic is relevant to everyone, and nobody wants to miss it!

9. She connects with the audience instantly
You can’t get more interactive than Dr. Rozen and she will not have it any other way! Dr. Rozen loves interacting with the audience in every step of the keynote, which brings the audience closer to her and her closer to the audience. This is also the source of many laughs and many interesting interactions. After all, how can you talk about human interaction without lots and lots of interaction?

8. She is the most down to earth and relatable person
One of Dr. Rozen’s all times favorite saying is Einstein’s saying: If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. Her keynotes take complex issues and make them simple, relatable, easy to connect to- and yet powerful and transforming in their impact. As simple as that.

7. So fun and easy to work with
Dr. Rozen makes your success her business. She is not only reliable but also very easy and fun to work with, very accommodating and very professional. You can count on her to be there every step of the way to ensure making your event an unforgettable success.

6. Happy to customize content
There is no cookie cutter content for Dr. Rozen. She starts working with you by learning about what matters the most to you and to the participants and from there uses every professional tool within her arsenal to create to most relevant, customized, to the point content for your event.

5. The audience loves Dr. Rozen- and organizers keep rebooking her
The experience is beyond memorable, Dr. Rozen is full of personality and so easy to connect to and work with- it just can’t get better than this for conference and event organizers!

4. Oh, the energy!
Dr. Rozen is energetic, and her energy catches on. It goes from the stage, to the audience, and back to the stage. It impacts your audience, it catches on, and it makes your event a memorable and notable success.

3. Life is funny- lots of laughs throughout the experience
The more powerful the insights, the funnier it oftentimes is. Both Dr. Rozen and the audience laugh together throughout the How to Get Along with Anybody experience- role plays are funny, anecdotes are funny, audience interaction is funny and life is funny!

2. Dr. Rozen is a cutting edge professional
Dr. Rozen is a cutting edge thought leader, author and researcher with the most up to date research based information on leadership, human interaction. Stick with her for the most up to date, research based in formation.

1. Your event is going to be a hit!
The topics are so sought after, Dr. Rozen is a super- speaker and the whole experience is out of the ordinary!

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