How to Get Along with Anybody- The Experience

How to Get Along with Anybody is a unique experience with direct and powerful impact on teamwork, productivity, engagement, motivation and wellness of teams, departments, companies and individuals alike. The universality of the skills and techniques and the fact that you can apply them to every form of human interaction- at work and at home, is what makes the experience so powerful and impactful.

Can you really get along with anybody? Should you get along with anybody? How would you get along with anybody when people are so different and oftentimes- so challenging? The topic itself sparks much interest and curiosity. The skills are powerful and can be applied immediately. The experience- is powerful, memorable and highly transformational.

Several formats of the How to Get Along with Anybody experience are offered, and can be customized and/ or combined based on specific needs and goals of the team, department or organization as well as specific recommendations from Dr. Rozen.

1 Hour Workshop / Lunch and Learns
A highly interactive one hour workshop and includes basic principles of How to Get Along with Anybody, audience participation, role plays and typically ends with a giveaway that participants can take with them.

2-3 Hours Workshop
2-3 hour workshops are typically the result of advance studying of the organization by Dr. Rozen by conducting interviews with key personnel and thorough analysis of the unique characteristics, challenges and areas of interest of the participants. Workshops work on specific skills and have defined and measurable goals that are shared by Dr. Rozen prior to the workshop and followed up on following the workshop. Workshops are highly interactive, with practical role plays and activities. All participants receive Get Along with Anybody t-shirts, mugs and other accessories and the experience is insightful, practical, and yet entertaining and fun

1-3 Days experience
Thorough advance research is conducted by Dr. Rozen as far as the organization and the departments or units involved, by conducting interviews with key personnel and thorough analysis of the unique characteristics, challenges and areas of interest of the participants.1-3 day workshops typically include several teams, departments or units going through sessions of training during the 1-3 days experience. Participants are encouraged to wear their Get Along with Anybody t-shirts on those days and use their skills with people around them during the 1-3 days experience. In addition to training sessions, several fun activities are offered on site during lunch involving actors, entertainers and other artists with engaging activities that are relevant to the skills learned. All participants receive Get Along with Anybody t-shirts, mugs and other accessories and posters are incorporated throughout the building/ area.


How to Get Along with Anybody to Increase Your Wellness, Success and Growth
We want to pursue wellness, and we all want to be successful and achieve our goals. The challenge is, that not always the people around us do the things we want them to, or act the in a way that promotes what we are looking to promote and accomplish. Getting along with other people is not just recreational or fun. Getting along with other people is essential to your wellness, your success and your growth. Scientific studies have proven time and time over that toxic and negative relationships have a negative impact on our health. So while you may pursue wellness by working out or eating right, your body’s immune system is still compromised if you have toxic relationships with others, whether in your personal life and in your work environment. From a productivity standpoint- you cannot talk about engagement and motivation before you have mastered the art of #HowtoGetAlongwithAnybody. It will simply not work. Book Dr. Michelle Rozen for a truly life transforming, engaging and unforgettable experience for your audience on this much sought after topic.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn why we struggle so much to get along with some people
  • Explore the powerful impact of getting along with anybody on our overall wellness and success
  • Master using the How to Get Along with Anybody model toward increasing your wellness, success and growth
  • Discover effective strategies to empower ourselves and the people around us to move towards our goals

How to Get Along with Anybody to Become a Powerful Leader

Leadership towards growth is a powerful key to the overall success of companies and organizations. Learn practical and winning strategies for effective leadership towards growth and success, through challenging times and with a diverse workforce. In this insightful, thought transforming experience, Dr. Rozen empowers the audience to unleash leadership skills, increase ability to lead through challenges and master powerful engagement of others towards your goals by using the How to Get Along with Anybody model for growth and success.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain insights into the characteristics of leadership towards growth and success
  • Learn to identify proactive, growth oriented goals, recognize and remove roadblocks
  • Gain practical tools for leveraging the potential for leadership through challenging situations
  • Learn to use the How to Get Along with Anybody model for mindful leadership

How to Get Along with Anybody to Lead through Change Effectively

True leadership manifests itself through times of change: mergers, acquisitions, policy and generational changes. But what can be perceived as rocking the boat- is also a great opportunity for growth, both for management and for employees. This is exactly where leadership can make it or break it, and this is where leadership skills are needed the most. This is a highly engaging, thought transforming experience, in which Dr. Rozen provides the audience with insights, best tricks of the trade, and practical strategies for leadership through change.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and gain deeper understanding of the challenges that change presents
  • Gain understanding of the role that company culture plays in leadership’s handling of change based challenges
  • Learn how to create a company culture of adaptability, feedback and teamwork
  • Master the How to Get Along with Anybody model of leadership through change
  • Learn effective strategies for instilling confidence and maintaining employees focus through change

How to Get Along with Anybody in a Diverse Work Environment

Working effectively within a diverse workforce is a challenge to many. Keeping that diverse workforce motivated, engaged, and demonstrating a culture of teamwork within a diverse work environment is a challenge that requires powerful tools and strategies. Generation gaps, cultural gaps, work style gaps- you name it. The greater the diversity- the greater the challenge, and the greater the challenge- the greater the opportunity. Dr. Rozen fascinates the audience with powerful insights, unbeatable tools and an unforgettable humorous, thought transforming experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain deeper understanding of the challenges that a diverse workforce creates
  • Learn the role of company culture in dealing with a diverse workforce
  • Master powerful strategies for creating a company culture of teamwork in a diverse work environment
  • Learn powerful strategies for leveraging diversity into an even more powerful opportunity for growth and success

How to Get Along with Anybody and Become a Powerhouse for Motivating and Engaging Others
Talking about motivation and engagement is one thing, but deeply understanding how much getting along with anybody is at the heart of motivation and engagement provides your audience with a whole new level of understanding of how motivating and engaging others actually works. Most updated research, jaw dropping insights and the most practical tricks of the trade to start using tomorrow.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn up to date research based information on how the human mind works when it comes to motivation and engagement
  • Identify potential obstacles in motivating and engaging people around you
  • Master the ENGAGE model for engaging and motivating others through the power of How to Get Along with Anybody
  • Learn the most practical day to day strategies for engaging and motivating others

How to Get Along with Anybody to Unleash Your Power of Communication in International Business
International business presents unique challenges to leaders in terms of making that human component work for them when seeking to connect, understand and leverage the relationship that they have worked so hard to create. The audience immediately connects to Dr. Rozen as she takes them on an eye opening journey to learn how to immediately connect with, and leverage the connection with people from various cultures and parts of the world. This wonderful keynote is full of case studies, real life examples and practical tools and strategies that your audience will find not only helpful but also incredibly powerful.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the five potential obstacles to effective communication in international business
  • Master the art How to Get Along with Anybody powerful five step tool for unleashing your power of communication with anyone in international business
  • Learn fascinating real life case studies of the power of How to Get Along with Anybody in building powerful relationships in international business
  • Learn how to identify, connect with and unleash the power of opportunities in international business through powerful strategies

How to Get Along with Anybody to become a powerful Woman Leader

Women leadership, as well as negotiation led by women has its unique challenges. Dr. Rozen is passionate about making sure women leaders have the most effective tools to negotiate tough, and lead skillfully towards growth and success. Using the How to Get Along with Anybody model, Dr. Rozen connects with the audience instantly, and engages them in a humorous, life based and life oriented eye opening experience, that will leave them with practical tools, insightful knowledge, and life transforming strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to identify obstacles for effective negotiation and powerful leadership
  • Learn the art of setting goals and pursuing them fully and successfully
  • Learn effective strategies for negotiating your way towards your goal by powerfully engaging others
  • Master the powerful strategies of How to Get Along with Anybody to remove obstacles and unleash your full leadership and potential